How I feel about living abroad.

How I feel about living abroad.

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The Portuguese Gentleman.

My shoe rack


The Portuguese Gentleman.

My shoe rack

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Trailer #2 for The Grand Budapest Hotel is perfect and I’m so excited. 

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Take me

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Burnished shoes. They make me smile.

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“The Qualities of a Gentleman:

He acts kindly from the impulse of his kind heart.

He is brave, because, with a conscience void of offence, he has nothing to fear.

He is never embarrassed, for he respects himself and is profoundly conscious of right intentions.
He keeps his honor unstained, and to retain the good opinion of others he neglects no civility.

He respects even the prejudices of men whom he believes are honest.

He opposes without bitterness and yields without admitting defeat.

He is never arrogant, never weak.

He bears himself with dignity, but never haughtily.

Too wise to despise trifles, he is too noble to be mastered by them.

To superiors he is respectful without servility; to equals courteous; to inferiors’ kind.

He carries himself with grace in all places, is easy but never familiar, genteel without affection.

He unites gentleness of manner with firmness of mind.

He commands with mild authority, and asks favors with grace and assurance.”

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Live it

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In 1982, the late founder of the Ogilvy & Mather advertising agency David Ogilvy issued a memo of 10 incredible writing tips to his staff.

Known as “the father of advertising,” Ogilvy made sure his employees knew they’d only climb the ladder at his agency if their writing was sharp, clear, and precise. As Ogilvy said, “people who think well, write well.”

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studio joo matcha bowls. NOW available via ITO EN

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My friend Chris’ 500 sqft Marshall Studio.

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In Asia, the pace at which buildings are started and finished is astonishing.